Saturday, May 16, 2015

Just Published ~ Daisy Chain Shawlette

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Where has the year gone? It seems only yesterday that I was posting pictures of snowy landscapes, and suddenly it's mid-May, with Summer crochet magazines appearing on the bookstore shelves.

And I have a pattern in one of them:

Daisy Chain Shawlette, Love of Crochet Summer 2015

The Daisy Chain Shawlette's stitch pattern was inspired by the Solomon's Knot technique, but uses chains and tall stitches (rather than tall loops) to create the allover flower look. Daisy Chain was made with Done Roving Yarns' Frolicking Feet, a beautifully sproingy fingering-weight yarn with a wonderful twist that holds up well to crochet work.

Daisy Chain is worked from end to end, and can be easily widened or lengthened. The stitch pattern creates a natural bias, which is reversed at the center to give the finished shawl a slight v-shape:

Daisy Chain blocking on my living room floor, December 2014

The border is worked in sideways rows, using tall stitches highlighted with back-loop slip stitch to give a "pleated" look:

The Daisy Chain Shawlette works well with 2 or 3 colours of yarn. Here's the original swatch I submitted to Love of Crochet, showing a 3-yarn combination:

Summer is the time for lacy crochet, and Love of Crochet Summer 2015 is full of lacy loveliness. Check out the entire issue!

If you'd like to order it online, here's a coupon (which is also good for anything in the Interweave store):

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Happy crocheting!

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P.S. Many thanks for the kind and encouraging comments on my last post. Your wise and funny and sympathetic words made me laugh and cry all at once ... further proof that those pesky hormones have a lot to answer for! :)

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